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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Client Feedback; Sky Safari

Hi Bruce,

Lovely to hear from you.

We had an absolutely amazing time, our best holiday ever.   I could talk about it for hours … !

When we’ve had the chance to go through the 4,000+ photos we took, I’ll send you a few or an online link if easier.

For now, just a few highlights:

-          We ended up being the only two on the Sky Safari so we had the benefit of a private safari without having to pay the extra for it!
-          We were also fortunate in that I mentioned that we’d originally been pleased that this trip would mean we’d have stayed in every Elewana property but that this wasn’t now going to be true after the opening of the Serengeti Pioneer Camp.  Elewana were amazingly flexible – they changed our itinerary for us so that we spent one night at the Serengeti Migration Camp and the other at the Serengeti Pioneer Camp (which was wonderful and we prefer it to Migration Camp).  So we believe we are the first people to have stayed in every Elewana property!
-          Alan and Maike have moved from being the GMs at Kilindi and are now the GMs at Arusha Coffee Lodge which was a lovely surprise as we get along with them very well.  Maike did our introductory briefing for the Sky Safari herself and we had dinner with both of them on our last night in Arusha.
-          The Ngorongoro Manor Lodge was amazing and the food was exceptional.  Martyn, the GM, was very welcoming also and spent quite some time with us, including lunch on our last day.  We also managed to fit in having a massage (included) and a visit to the coffee plantation (small extra charge).
-          Afro Chic was amazing too.  We love Stephan!  And our room was wonderful too.  He also has an amazing team who he has trained very well – they really looked after us.  Stephan even took us out shopping one afternoon and we sat and had drinks together in a bar close by.   What other hotel chain provides that kind of personal service?  We were very sad to leave.
-          All in all, the trip has confirmed that we love the Elewana brand and really identify with it.  In fact, it’s spoilt us for any other brand as they made us feel very special everywhere we stayed.

And the safari itself was really wonderful.  We saw so many animals, many very close by, especially lions, elephants and giraffes.  Our safari guides were all very good, very knowledgeable and amazing at spotting the animals.

You know how much we were looking forward to this trip and I have to say it managed to surpass even my highest expectations.  You have to go …. !  Or wait until Elewana introduce their new Kenyan sky safari soon and try that?

I’m happy to tell you more about it during a telephone call if you like.

‘Bye for now.

Best wishes.


For more information on the sky safari please follow the link or call 01227 783181

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