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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Safari Feedback

I recently went on a Great Wilderness Journey with two families, with the trip starting at Jacana Camp and ending at Linyanti Discoverer where we had great sightings. The area around Jacana camp was inundated with the water from the annual floods - so the three days that we spent here were spectacular. We focused on water activities, enjoying a peaceful mokoro trip, as well as an afternoon boat trip. We also did some game drives on the bigger Jao Island and it was very educational. We had a lovely sighting of Glossy Ibis killing a frog and of three lions crossing the flood plain. On our first drive we also had an amazing sighting of two lioness’ stalking red lechwe and after a considerable wait, they were successful. They caught a male red lechwe just a few meters from us...we were incredibly lucky! We continued to watch them feed on the carcass for a while.

At Khwai Discover we enjoyed sightings of general game with the highlight being a sighting of three wild dogs hunting late in the evening very close to camp. We went on a night game drive where we encountered hyenas patrolling the area and hippos grazing. We stopped in the bush and had a talk about astronomy, as the sky was so clear and the stars so bright...On our last morning we woke up to some visitors - there were two young male lions relaxing in the camp by room number 4.They moved off far enough so we could get to breakfast, but only left camp island that evening.

At Linyanti Discoverer, we enjoyed an unbelievable sighting of a female leopard feeding on a dead hippo. We witnessed a face to face stand-off, between a hippo (in the water) and a lioness which was feeding on a partially submerged giraffe carcass along the Linyanti river system. The hippo was "guarding" the carcass, and the lioness was actually on top of the carcass. It was amazing to watch the lioness growling, hissing and spitting at the hippo - defending her meal. There were about 15 Nile crocodiles, waiting in the wings for the lioness to move away from the carcass, so that they could come and feed on it…a once in a lifetime sighting!

The Chobe boat cruise was very productive, as we spent some time watching white fronted bee-eaters preparing their nests in the banks of the river. It was a fantastic way to finish up what was a truly spectacular trip!

The staff at all camps were fabulous.              


Please follow the link for more info and reservations: Great Wilderness Journey

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