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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Planet Earth Live - What is the point?

Bits of the Planet, screened all over the Earth, Occasionally Live
BBC is considered the best in the world at making wildlife programmes, and rightly so. They have set the standard with pioneering techniques, the best presenters and innovation. Planet Earth Live has none of these qualities, and there appears to be little live about it either.

Been done before
Almost all the wildlife has been covered in a similar fashion before. Big cat diaries, Elephant diaries, Big bear week, Meerkat manor, Last Chance To See - The Great Grey Whale - All great programmes that were eventually taken off the TV due to falling viewing figures.

Planet Earth - Hardly
Hardly global coverage for this ‘global' programme. With just 9 locations (3 in Africa, 3 in North America, 1 each in Peru, Sri Lanka & The Arctic) and the key species being studied all being mammals, it covers a very narrow spectrum of species and locations. Planet seems to mean it is broadcast all over the world, rather than filmed.

The choice of presenters has created much debate too. We question why none of the BBC's range of outstanding wildlife presenters were chosen? Perhaps the Beeb wanted to create more mass appeal by bringing (dumbing down?) more mainstream presenters, or perhaps none of the wildlife presenters wanted the job?

Ultimate global wildlife drama - Or just the last?
BBC's strapline for Planet Earth Live is "Join us for the ultimate global wildlife drama. Real animals. Real lives. In real time." Look ‘ultimate' up in the dictionary - it means last. Frankly, I am not surprised.

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