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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yellow Fever

We hope this email finds you very well.

We are sending you this urgent information regarding the changes in Government regulation in Zanzibar with respect to the yellow fever vaccination as a requirement to enter the islands. You will recall that the current regulation made it compulsory to show the yellow fever vaccination only when coming from countries where there is yellow fever, but not when coming from any European airport direct into Tanzania, for example.

This has changed and we have just been informed by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators that the Government of Zanzibar has implemented as on 26th January a new regulation by which yellow fever vaccination certificates will be asked to all the tourists at all the entry points (airports & ports), regardless of their origin and routes.

Whilst the measure has been implemented in Zanzibar alone for the time being, we expect the mainland Government to implement it soon, and therefore we are addressing this email to you to ask you to inform all your clients arriving in Tanzania (either by road, sea or air), to carry with them their International Certificate of Vaccination with a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate.

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