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Monday, 8 June 2015

Zanzibar to attract more visitors.

Zanzibar is set to attract more tourists following increased advertisement of the islands globally, President Ali Mohamed Shein said while in Germany.

Dr Shein added that the government has been working hard to promote Zanzibar as the best tourist destination in East Africa and the results are bearing fruit.

“As we advertise the tourism attraction sites in Zanzibar, we have been also overcoming different challenges,” Dr Shein said in an interview with members of the press in Wurzburg- Germany where he has been since last Tuesday for an official visit.

The president underscored the importance of tourism to Zanzibar socially and economically, and that the Islands still have unique attraction places including its history admired by many people who visit East Africa.

He said that in addition to the contribution of tourism to Zanzibar economy, it has also enhanced good relations with foreign nations through cultural exchange like in this years’ International African Music festival in Wurzburg, where artists from different countries had an opportunity to meet.

“Hospitality, our traditions, behaviour, local music and local food are some of the things which unite people of Zanzibar and attract tourists,’ said Dr Shein. According to a press release from the President’s press team, Dr Shein said his government was determined to make sure that Zanzibar is widely advertised including through festivals held in different countries around the world. During the interview with Germany journalists, Dr Shein said Zanzibar government was improving infrastructure and promoting peace/stability as prerequisite to development. Dr Shein together with his delegation also visited the Department of Tropical Diseases at Wurzburg Mission College of Health Sciences, where the Chairperson of the Board Prof August Stich said his institute has been collaborating with various higher institutions across the world including Bugando in Mwanza, and KCMC in Moshi. “During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, my institutions trained 200 health workers who were working in affected countries,” Prof Stich said before bidding farewell to Dr Shein and his delegation who left Wurzburg for Berlin where he is scheduled to meet Germany leaders and members of the business community.

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