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Monday, 24 June 2013

Client Feedback: Chumbe Island and Essque Zalu

Hi Bruce

The service we got from you was exemplary. From when we were first in touch by phone, your timeliness, suggestions and clarity of communication was excellent. You were always upfront and clear about prices, and helped us put together a great itinerary to match our budget.

What particularly impressed and pleased me was that when we needed to switch the order of our Zanzibar holiday, you arranged this all for us, at no cost. This was a huge relief; given all the planning that had gone in to our honeymoon, only to have it potentially scuppered by 1time going bust, it was a great relief that you replanted things so we could still enjoy both locations of our Zanzibar break.

Everything worked absolutely perfectly in terms of logistics. The only exception being that there was no one waiting for us or to take us from International arrivals to Domestic Departures at TNZ. Not the end of the world, we just hopped in a taxi but you might want to contact your local supplier about that FYI.

The flight to Zanzibar was smooth and fine, as were all other connections. The Drivers were all on time and very friendly and nice. The cars are not exactly luxurious but they're fine for their purpose, so long as like us, expectations aren't for a brand new Merc or suchlike.

Chumbe Island was just amazing. 2 nights was the right amount of time for us. Though if you really do just want to relax 'in paradise' you could enjoy longer. The staff were excellent and the food was some of the best we had on our honeymoon. Great snorkelling, and interesting walk round the island, and some fun spotting the Snow crabs. It was really the perfect way to start our Honeymoon.

Only point for you to note about the Island was the interesting 'transfer' at the end. I think it was because the tide was out, but we had to wade a fair distance in the sea that was above our waists. Although the staff carried our bigger cases, it was still quite difficult carrying our smaller bags and having dressed ready for the drive, we weren't really expecting to be soaked! It wasn't a  problem for us, but I can imagine that some guests (thinking for example of my parents) would really struggle with this. It probably needs to be better explained on the morning of departure, and the staff should arrange to help carry all bags so you can just focus on not falling over in the sea!

Essque Zalu is amazing, truly spectacular. Staff all fantastic, and just an incredible Hotel. The food was excellent. Dinner was literally Michelin standard every evening. We went to the town for dinner one night and whilst it was nice, we wished we hadn't missed dinner at the Hotel for it. There is a turtle sanctuary 3 minutes walk from the entrance to the Hotel. It's not advertised though and we happened on it by chance.  But you can swim with the turtles and they are very friendly and inquisitive. It was one of the highlights of our Honeymoon and would recommend you mentioning this to anyone visiting Zanzibar and certainly who are staying at Essque.

We used a dive company called Poisson Divers I think. They're on TA if that name isn't quite right. They were also excellent and arranged a taxi to pick us up each morning which was good as cheaper than if arranged through the Hotel.

Eithopia airlines were OK, no concerns on that front and got us to SA just fine.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday and the perfect start to our Honeymoon. Wouldn't have changed a thing and would do it all again tomorrow!

Thank you again for your service and very best regards,


For more information on any of the properties mentioned please call: 01227 753180 and ask for Bruce.

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