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Friday, 15 March 2013

Zanzibar: Government Promises To End Water Shortages

The current social challenges including water crisis in many parts of Zanzibar may soon become a thing of the past, as President Ali Mohamed Shein reassured the people that his government is determined to bring changes.

Many areas in Zanzibar are faced with shortages of clean water, and majority of households have been using salty water; one of the results of negative impacts of climate change. Water woes have sparked continuous complaints from people. "We are on the right track in implementing our election campaign promises.

The government is determined to make sure that water problems and other challenges in both urban and rural areas end soon," said Shein. Dr Shein reiterated the assurance in Nungwi Village, North Unguja Region, where he inaugurated a water project, opened a new school, and inspected other development projects to his satisfaction.

According to a news release from the Zanzibar State House press unit Mr Rajab Mkasaba, and Mr Said Ameir, the president asked people to be patient as most of the problems will be solved. Dr Shein reminded people of Kilimani Village in Nungwi, where he inaugurated a water tank that efforts to make sure all people access clean and safe water started after the 1964 revolution and has been going on.

Nungwi is one of the areas in Zanzibar, already feeling the pinch of negative impacts of climate change as its fresh water has been contaminated by salty water, believed to have been caused by rising sea level.

"We have workable plans supported by development partners to make sure that all people access fresh, clean, and safe water," he said as he appealed to authorities in the ministry of trade to help find market for products produced by women entrepreneurs in Nungwi.

Women entrepreneurs in the area informed the president that their efforts to mitigate poverty were being hampered by lack of reliable markets for the products.

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