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Monday, 6 February 2012

Client Feedback

Hi Bruce,

We’re back today after our FANTASTIC trip to Zanzibar and to Kilindi. We had the most amazing time and Kilindi more than lived up to expectations. We really appreciated the attention to detail and the personal approach, including the fact that both the managers and the chef came and spoke to everyone every night.

We had Pavilion 11 at the back of the property (complete with roof terrace) so high up and with good views. On our last day, we even saw a monkey in one of the trees in our garden, we saw bush babies, had a couple of birds who shared our bathroom and a yellow-bellied bird came and had a bath in our plunge pool while we were in it!

The only downside for us (nothing to do with Kilindi, I hasten to add – the food was fantastic!) was that Marcus had very bad stomach/sickness problems while we were there which lasted from our second day through to the end – we had to get the doctor out at one point. [We now think it’s the result of a reaction to the anti-malarial tablets, Malarone, which we’ll check).

Our butler, Dowdi (not sure how you spell his name, he’s new and been there about a month, having moved from Star of the East) was fantastic and nothing was too much trouble. He was very kind while Marcus was ill and did so much to help.

And Alan and his wife, Maike, the managers who’ve now been there 10 months, were also fantastic (as was Duncan). We had several good conversations with them.

They could not have made us more welcome and where else can you go where, when you leave, the managers, butler and several of the staff wave you off? It was a tearful moment!

We also hired a car while we were out there and got to see quite a bit of Zanzibar independently – a fantastic experience and the locals were very helpful and eager to help when we got lost!

All in all, it was a truly unforgettable holiday and one of, if not THE, nicest places we’ve ever stayed.

I promised to share a few photos with you on our return so here are a couple to remind you of just how lovely it is …. !

Can’t wait for the Sky Safari now – we met a couple who had just completed it and were relaxing afterwards at Kilindi – it sounds exhausting (although enjoyable) and we may think about extending out stay at Arusha for a day either side of the trip if that’s possible (this would mean moving the dates at AfroChic slightly – do you think this would be a problem?).

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