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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rhino poached in Serengeti

We regret to bring you this news. But perhaps the life and death of this one unfortunate rhino will be the tipping point in the decision to stop the Serengeti highway.

Last May, there was celebration as five black rhinos were translocated from South Africa to the Serengeti National Park. President Kikwete himself went to hail the occasion.

The rhinos were introduced into the very area where the new highway is to be carved out.

Now one of those rhinos is dead, the victim of poachers, it's horns likely on the way to a shop in China. The introduced rhinos were supposed to be carefully protected with satellite tracking and special guards. Donors are questioning whether to bring up the 32 other rhinos that are scheduled for relocation in the Serengeti.

The Frankfurt Zoological Society reported:

"Though the rhinos are all under 24-hour surveillance by the special Serengeti Rhino Protection Unit and were equipped with radio transmitters prior to their release, George has none-the-less fallen claim to the brutal actions of poachers - he was shot dead and found with his horns sawed off."

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